CodeNeighbor - code sharing with others

CodeNeighbor is where you find code for your application and share with your neighbors
Sharing with others is simple either with a neighbor, on a team in your backyard or globally

CodeNeighbor supports code generation using templates built online, found in our repository and shareable with your neighbors

What is CodeNeighbor ?

It is an environment where code is found and shared amongst others - whether developer, architect or other.
Sharing of code and ideas is done through an innovative snippet approach ...

Utilizing snippet reuse or template generation starts the journey of the low-code development effort.

Understanding that one third of projects are on time and on budget ... we can help improve delivery through the usage of snippet reuse and template generation.


Public repositories have been used to obtain the current inventory (1M+) of assets to search. Your own snippets can be added and shared as well and these snippets can be used to generate code (coming soon).

Smart Search

A scheduled search will locate artifacts and notify you when they are found - saving you from time consuming manual searches. The repository is searchable by author, keyword, library, function ... all the way to variable and plist entries.


Custom data sources can be incorporated into generated projects using templates in the repository and data you provide.

Clean and Ultra Modern Design

CN started life in the cloud and is expanding to support other
types of code and projects.

  • Originally developed to support iOS projects - current artifacts consist of Swift and Objective-C languages.
  • Snippets are of generic langugage type - program code, HTML, Javascript, SQL ... there is no limit to what CN can support.

Developer Focus

Tooling is provided to help in creating templates and
with generating entire projects, including data, content and media support.

  • XCode integrated support can generate projects from the ground up.
  • Using plugin support, templates can generate code or include snippets while developing in XCode directly.
  • Stop re-inventing the wheel - find existing snippets, code, projects - chat with others for your application needs.









Neighbor Tiers

Based on the amount of code sharing and neighbor invitations
determines which tier you are in. The more you share the higher the benefits.

Ranking up is accomplished by inviting neighbors, sharing and related activities.

( {}25 represents inviting 25 neighbors )

per month
New Neighbor
  • Limited searches
  • Limited templates
  • Developer tools
Good Neighbor
per month
Neighbor Leader
  • Expanded searches
  • Limited templates
  • 25 MB Uploads
  • Repository access
  • Developer tools
  • Chatbot Support
per month
Neighbor Landlord
  • Unlimited searches
  • Unlimited templates
  • 100 MB Uploads
  • Code generation
  • Repository access
  • Developer tools
  • Custom function builder
  • API execution layer
  • eMail Support


For a limited time, this service is being offered on a preview basis - no cost

What is a snippet

A snippet is code, either collected from our repository or yours and can be a single line, function or class.

What is Rodin?

Rodin is our machine learning guru which will suggest items based on your interactions and help with finding just what you need.

What is searchable?

The repository consists of over 1 million repositories and is searchable by author, keyword, library, function ... all the way to variable and plist entries.

What is a template?

Templates are used to generate code. These can be built online, found in our repository and ultimately shared with others.

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