About Us

At CodeNeighbor, we want to solve one of the biggest problems in mobile: finding great code quickly and sharing with each other - our neighbors!

Developers need to know where to find good quality, functioning code so they can build great apps!

Neighborhoods are where we socialize with each other, grow, communicate and share with each other. By growing our neighbors, we grow our connections and improve the developer community.

We are also building a repository of best practice snippets (small, medium and large blocks of code) that can be injected directly into XCode that work the first time. No more wasting time with out of date, poorly written and unsupported snippets that keep us from being productive!

Code generation using templated designs are also in our toolbox and will be released soon to those who are willing be part of the beta program!

In addition, through machine learning, we are building models that allow developers to analyze code, projects or snippets to provide targeted solutions based on criteria.
We aim to make these models available to as many people as possible.

Join us, join the neighborhood and help yourself to build great apps, help others by sharing and build a great neighborhood!

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